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Singing technique


As a dedicated teacher and keen music educator, I have been teaching since 1999. I taught privately at home and at a specialist music school while in Argentina, and for the Accademia di Musica Italiana di Perugia, in Italy. Since living in the UK I have continued to teach privately, coach and inspire young and mature vocal performers.


My philosophy on vocal teaching and training is providing an inspirational and enjoyable experience for my students that will enhance their musical journey and enrich their musical training and development. I aim to provide each student a deep understanding and develop reliable technical skills, enabling them to progress well. Understanding the psychological and physiological side of training, I believe in providing positive feedback and support for my students, helping them to develop their own vocal identity, and catering for their individual needs. 

With over 16 years of private and academical class teaching, I have a sound understanding of the practical environment of musicians in their formative and mature years. I have gained the flexibility to work with any age group. 
I am compassionate towards my students and offer healthy learning skills to make each student gain the best in themselves and enjoy singing  to the best of their ability.


Location - I generally teach locally in Islington, London. However, I'm happy to travel up to 10km to students' homes. 

I'm also available for Skype lessons if you're not living locally in London. Please enquire about this on my 'contact' page. 


If you would like to book for a complimentary trial lesson or find out more information please email me or navigate to the Contact page. 

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